Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Min Makes the news!

Here is an article from the local Hanover paper, good job min!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Poster for Dirty Sock Contest

Kudos to Sue Hall for making this! Looks great!

Dirty Sock Contest

Well, Min was nice enough to send me a picture of the front of the dealership window, advertising the dirty sock contest. Looks like this event will be a hit!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Climate Change could kill millions

A recent report states that disease spread by global warming could kill 185 million Africans by the end of the century and turn millions into refugees.

So far, global temperatures have increased by .6 degrees in the last century and it is estimated with the explosion of car use and the emergence of China that the temperature could raise as much as 3 degrees by the end of this century. Proving disasterious for the Earth and its inhabitants.

Global Warming, it is believed would allow mosquitoes to expand their regions because of the high temperatures, thereby spreading diseases such as West Nile and Yellow Fever to places that it has never been before.

Along with this, as the ice caps melt they erode coastlines and raise sea levels, reducing the reliable sources of fresh water. Along with this, more floods and roughts and you have a climate out of control. With less fresh water, there is a real possibility for fights between countries trying to secure it for themselves.

Where once nations fought for oil (which in turn cause the global warming), they will then fight for water. So Canadians, think about this, we have a great deal of fresh water, we have a superpower to the south that will want it....perhaps our relationship with them won't be so rosey.

Want the deaths of millions on your consicounce? if not, join our protest. Contact me renfunk@gmail.com to learn what you can do.

The Renegade.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kyoto Talks

They are doing talks right now to extend the treaty and have naturally picked someone who is forefront in combatting climate change at all costs.

Rona Ambrose.

Yep, the Environment minister who cut funding to climate change programs, canceled the one tonne challenge, and said (with Stephen Harper) that Canada had no plan to follow the Kyoto Accord, is naturally heading up the committee to extend it.

This makes so much sense it is scary. Why not have someone who is opposed to your plan, head up the committee to extend the plan.

It's like having Dow Chemical merge with Ducks Unlimited and Greenpeace to decide how they should go about saving the environment.

Want a reason why we need to protest in September?....There it is.

Monday, May 15, 2006

It's Growing....

Well, this protest is starting to grow.

This weekend I had several interested parties who wanted to join up, and as a result the protest in Edmonton is coming along nicely, as well with the one in Calgary.

We should be able to get media coverage for it now

The date may change to a bit later in September but that has not been decided yet.

Anyone interested in joining up, email me at renfunk@gmail.com

Friday, May 12, 2006

Kudos to Min

Kudos goes out to Min who has successfully organized a Dirty Sock Contest at the dealership where she works.

The concept is simply, put a sock on your exhaust for thirty seconds and see just how dirty it gets. If it is the dirtiest, then you win a free oil change.

She also has the newspaper interviewing her for this, I will put the link up for it when it appears.

The entire purpose of the event is to show people, that just because you can't see what is coming out of your exhaust, it doesn't mean it's clean.

The event is May 27th in Hanover, Ontario. If you can make it, go.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Protest Logo Issued